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Behaviour Consultation

Behaviour Consultation. £90 for 2 hour consultation, £30/hour thereafter

Dog behaviour consultation

A behaviour consultation is an assessment which allows me to experience how your dog is behaving, understand why and discuss what changes are needed to stop the unwanted behaviour. I can then start to train the owner to train the dog. Some issues may be resolved in this session, but some of the more deep rooted issues will need further input from me working with the owner.

It is extremely important to understand the difference between a training issue and a behavioural issue when working with your dog. Teaching your dog the basic commands such as sit, down, stay etc.. can be taught in a training class or a private training session, but if you want to stop any unwanted behaviour that has become a routine, then you need a Behaviour Counselling session.

Many owners think that these behaviours just form part of the dogs individual personality, but this is simply not true. Dogs exhibit behavioural problems for many reasons, but usually lack of leadership and/or lack of knowledge are the cause of these issues ,and therefore every problem can be resolved if you know how. That’s where I can help. My job is to teach you how to work consistently with your dog, to build your relationship together, and overcome the issues over time, not to change your dog overnight. Even if you have seen other trainers or behaviourists in the past, I`m sure I can help.. It is important for you to learn how to be the decision maker, and once you have learnt how to do this and implement the changes needed, you will see how you are able to resolve your dog’s problems. I can provide the right tailored service for you and give you a better relationship with your dog.

The most common behavioural issues I deal with on a regular basis are highlighted below, but this is by no means an exhaustive list, and there are many other issues that your dog may be displaying, all of which can be resolved with time and patience, once the cause of the issue has been identified,

Aggression – towards other dogs, people ,other animals. Excessive barking and/or greeting

Hyperactivity/inability to settle ,Obsessions – tail chasing, balls or toys, stones or sticks, Hoover, etc.. Phobias – walking near traffic, loud noises (thunder / fireworks etc.), traveling in cars, etc

Possessiveness – food/ toys/people, etc. Recall issues – chasing prey animals or cyclists, rushing up to other dogs, scenting, hunting, stubborn refusal to recall from playing or any other distraction. NB: these issues will not be resolved through Obedience training as they are related to Leadership and/or blocking the prey drive.

Stress / Insecurity – constantly following you or another family member, barking/destructive behaviour when left, toileting in the house, constant licking or chewing of their own feet or legs, whining, shaking, hiding. Toileting in the house (excluding young puppies)