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Private Training

Private Training: £30/hour

Dog private training

Private training sessions can be ideal in many situations. We would highly recommend a one-to-one session for anyone bringing a new puppy into the household. The settling-in period is extremely important and many people even have the session before the pup arrives.

This enables you to learn the best ways to settle the puppy into his/her new life and make sure you don’t fall in to any bad habits. If you already have your pup you may be struggling with house-training, nipping or jumping up – or probably all three! A private session will teach you how to resolve all of these problems and raise your puppy to be a well-mannered dog.

Similarly, if you have just taken on a rescue dog you may want some basic training advice to aviod issues in the future, or sometimes people just need help with one specific issue. Rather than attend a course of training classes, a one hour private session is the perfect solution.

Obedience training £90/ 3 x 1 hour sessions

Obedience training is offered on a 1-2-1 basis, and is ideal for those who cannot commit to a training course held on a specific day and time every week. Training can be done at your home, or our secure training field, and what would normally be covered in my 6 week course of lessons can be taught more effectively in 3 x 1 hour sessions.