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Customer Testimonials

I adopted Nelly last November, a friend for our other bulldog Tallulah. We had some problems getting the dogs (two senior bitches) to accept each other. Nelly was very dominant towards Tallulah and even towards me. The situation was quite stressful! Dave visited my home to observe the dogs and gave me really helpful advice and showed me techniques to retrain Nelly and show her what was expected of her in her new home. We have a much calmer house these days .Thank you Dave!


When we adopted our Staffy from Battersea she loved people but was very nervous around other dogs! A friend recommended Dave and we had his one to one help. He was excellent and helped us to teach our dog that we were in charge and she had nothing to worry about. With the right help and advice, we were able to teach retrieval of the ball, and generally how to have lovely walks as our baby was very much an urban dog and not used to fields!! Highly recommended, a brilliant help and person!


Thank you very much Dave for giving your time, knowledge and experience- and demonstrating your skills in action. We have benefitted greatly and now have a much calmer and happier German Shepherd. We will continue with all we have learnt. Thank you again.


A real eye opener, having had dogs for 35 years, we now understand how little we really knew. But also how to improve things going forwards. Many thanks for all the help


Such an insight into my dogs mind. I have achieved so much in such a short space of time, My work at home will set me on the right track to a dog/human relationship to be proud of! Thank you so much!


Such an incredible change, calm and in control. Thank you so much. Sasha is calm and well behaved, unbelievable change, exceeded my expectations. Thank you!


In just two visits, I have learnt so much to take home and work on. I have also learnt exactly where i stand in my dogs estimation and that gives me an insight in how to correct the balance between us. Im feeling much more confident now in my training skills. Thank you


A real eye opener from what I thought were the issues with our Romanian rescue dog, but confident now with the tools and training I can make a real difference to Max to get a rebalance and move forward to a brighter future- Dave is knowledgable, explained the issues we were encountering in a way we could understand, and importantly taught us how to confidently achieve realistic goals for us both, by simply introducing basic rules, and applying them calmly but assertively. Look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.


We spent 2 hours learning why we were having the behaviour issues with our rescue SBT, and then an hour at Dave`s training field the following day so he could demonstrate, and we could practice, some simple techniques . Not only has this made a huge difference in two weeks to the way in which Rocky behaves on walks, it has boosted our confidence immensely, now that we know what we are doing and are in control. Had a great time- really gave us huge confidence to go forward. We’ll be back for more! Thank you so much!!


We never knew it would be so easy to walk George, our rescue Rottweiler. We had him for 6 months, and he would pull like a train on his harness, but after being shown some very simple lead handling techniques by Dave, he now walks so nicely next to us , without the harness. George seems so much relaxed and happier now.


We thought our two rescue mixed breeds loved us so much by the way they would be constantly following us around and jumping all over us and barking, but they were so disobedient once they got outside the house. We had a home visit from Dave, and he explained what was going on inside the dogs heads and making them behave in this way, and what we had to change to gain the control needed., by having a better relationship. After 4 weeks of working with Dave, we now have two dogs that have changed so much for the better. They are a lot calmer indoors and much more obedient on walks, but still loving without all of the jumping and noise. We still have some work to do, and we are confident that with Dave`s help that we will have our perfect dogs. Thank you so much Dave, from us all!


Big big ty for enabling me to let my boy off his lead, such a beautiful setting and zero distractions, looking forward to our next visit


We had our first visit to the field this morning and our two loved it, already booked in for next weekend. The field is a secure area where both my babies can run around and be free and safe. They are exhausted now at home


Hi Dave, thank you for your time yesterday. Now that you have explained why we are having the issues with Charlie’s behaviour, the way forward seems so clear, although we know that there is a lot of work for us to do. We are determined to make the changes, step by step with your help, and make Charlie’s life the best it can be after such a terrible start abroad. Being able to deal with the cause, and not the symptoms as the previous trainers have tried to do without success, gives us the confidence to suceed. He slept so much after you left, I think his brain was well and truly exercised, as was ours! Thank you so much.


Would like to thank Dave so much for taking Daisy out and building her confidence with dogs again. She was attacked when she was younger by a jack Russel when we were away in Essex and has always found it difficult to know if another dog is going to be nice to her. I was in Thailand and Dave kindly introduced her to his dogs whilst I was away and I’m so pleased to see how she interacts especially with a much bigger dog. I hope owners who have any issues contact Dave and see what a marvellous way he has with them helping them to understand how to behave and gain confidence with their fellow furry friends. Thank you so much Dave x